About Sto Systems

We exclusively use Sto - the world’s best plaster facade and cladding.

From its establishment in 1835 as a simple lime and cement works, Sto has evolved to become the international leader in facade insulation systems and manufacturers of quality exterior and interior plaster systems and coatings.

Sto has a presence in over 50 countries around the globe. In New Zealand, Sto has a precise understanding of local climatic conditions, architectural styles, building practices, standards and tastes.

BRANZ Appraised

A full range of Sto plaster systems have been developed for the New Zealand market, and tested and certified by BRANZ.

Environmentally Conscious & Energy Efficient

Sto products make a clear and conscious contribution towards improving the quality of the environment. Sto’s external wall insulation cladding systems are extremely energy efficient, cutting heating requirements and preventing the release of CO2 emissions.

Quality Guaranteed

Sto provide a 15-Year Sto product warranty on all products

No Liming

Sto plasters feature a mineral acrylic base with no lime. This means no leaching or blotchy walls.

Flexural Strength

Sto plasters have superior flexural strength, making them more resistant to movement and impact.

Leaders in Innovation

Sto is always at the forefront of innovations and new technologies in cladding and plaster systems.

One recent example is Sto’s harnessing of Nano-Technology to produce Lotus-Effect®, a revolutionary self-cleaning facade paint. A unique, patented surface structure, similar to the microstructure discovered on the leaf of the lotus plant, prevents water and dirt from clinging to the surface. Every time it rains, the facade is simply washed clean!

Paint Integrated

Your chosen colour is matched and integrated into the texture, so that the plaster is also effectively the first coat of paint. This speeds up the painting process – and so, the entire build time!


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