Cladding Systems

Solutions for Polystyrene Block

Plaster Systems for Polystyrene Block Construction

Polystyrene Block (EPS Block) construction is an established method of construction in the New Zealand market. A reinforced concrete mass masonry core is poured into supported EPS block walls.

StoArmat Miral Plaster System

StoArmat Miral provides the optimal protection and finish for EPS block construction. StoArmat Miral is BRANZ appraised and certified.

Base-coated and levelled with LevelLite, the StoArmat RFP mesh reinforcement plaster provides strength and durability.

Completed with StoLit coloured finishing render and Sto facade paint, this interlocking plaster system is fracture and impact resistant, to provide a modern façade that’s engineered to last the distance.


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