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Cladding Systems
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New Zealand’s housing industry has been predominantly based on timber framing, favouring easy-to-maintain monolithic cladding.

Fibre cement sheet has a proven record of providing an economical cladding solution with design flexibility.

Using a complex range of advanced analytical technology, Sto has developed a comprehensive range of facade plasters, finishing renders and solutions for Ventclad and Monotek® systems.

StoArmat Plaster System

StoArmat is a BRANZ appraised plaster system that provides the optimal protection and durability for tapered fibre cement sheet constructions. Breathable, fracture and impact resistant, it provides a facade engineered to last the distance.

Before the system can be applied, the surface is treated with Sto Putzgrund primer and all joints are then flushed using StoArmat embedded with Sto Jointing mesh to reinforce them.

A full StoArmat RFP mesh reinforced plaster - incorporating microfibres - provides strength and durability, interlocking the complete fibre cement sheet componentry. The system is finished in StoLit finishing render and Sto facade paint.

StoLastic Jointing System – an economical, aesthetic solution for Monotek®

The StoLastic Jointing system incorporates StoPlex W to seal the sheet joints. The joints are then flushed using StoArmat RFP, embedded with Sto Jointing mesh to provide reinforcement and stability.

Once dry, a second reinforcement coat is applied, incorporating StoLastic Fill - an elastomeric jointing paste - and StoLastic Mesh RF with high crack prevention properties to provide flexibility and durability.

The jointed sheets are then sealed with Sto Putzgrund primer, finished with StoLit K coloured finishing render and Sto facade paint for ease of maintenance.

The StoLastic Jointing system is BRANZ appraised.


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