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Plaster Insulation Systems for Concrete Block Construction

StoTherm Masonry Insulation System has been the international benchmark in the field of facade insulation for over 40 years.

Create a healthy living climate and cut energy costs

While internal insulation allows a room to be heated quickly, that's about its only plus point.

Its temperature curve is poor, and the external wall remains vulnerable to the elements. The heat retention capability of the existing wall is not utilised in winter, and it is susceptible to condensation, damp and mould.

Sto's external insulation offers significant advantages; it offers a favourable temperature curve and shields the substrate from thermal shocks.

There are no cold bridges and the existing heat retention capabilities of solid masonry walls are fully utilised.  Interstitial condensation can be eliminated irrespective of climate conditions.

The internal wall temperature increases which reduces the risk of condensation, damp and mould.
This system’s shock proofing and impact resistance is up to 6 times higher than that of mineral cement-based systems, offering the utmost in fracture prevention.


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